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We aim to transform publishing through the employment of teamwork and technology. It’s our aim to ensure that every one of our clients is satisfied and successful. We aim to unlock the hidden potential of young people into a world of open opportunities.

To achieve a competitive advantage in the publishing sector trough effective use of ICT and Telecommunication. It is our team conviction that it takes good use of technology to achieve the required success in publishing industry. We will give every one of our young author an open publication opportunity to showcase their talents.

Our goals are: to become a company that is easy to access, and also to be a leading player in the world of publishing, both in South Africa and the world.

Our objectives are: to win the trust of our customer and for our services (publications) to reach every part of the world.

With a reputable clientele, DeShaba Media will be a recognized leader in helping Individuals and companies to transform their content publishing strategies, processes, and systems from traditional, resource-heavy, paper-based models to fluid, automated content flows.

Our knowledge of the publishing industry and its ever-changing strategies forms our ability to understand your organization’s needs. We aims to establish a long-standing relationships with our clients in the publishing and content industry, which provide us with a unique and broad perspective that enables us to watch the industry develop, capture emerging trends, and provide beneficial insights to our clients.

We are an experienced, knowledgeable consulting team dedicated to your content organization’s success.